Tuesday, February 08, 2005

DNA project

If other folks are game, I'd like to try the DNA pattern. I will probably go for a pillow modification so that I can use it...by the time I finish it, it won't be winter anymore :-)

Plus, I can use it as my chance to learn cables and not freak out about mistakes because I will start with less yarn and can take my time. If it turns out well, I will then try the scarf for next winter.

I will get the pillow pattern from my Interweave issue and see if this is do-able.

Anyone else want to try the pillow version?


Blogger ethel said...

The cats rule many aspects of our lives, including furniture and accessory selecting. Since a knit pillow has a slim chance of any extended existence in this harsh (and furry!) landscape, I'll spare it and do a scarf instead. ... For next winter. ;-) (no no no no: positive thinking here!)

11:26 PM  

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