Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Got started!


I got going yesterday. I took out my needles and some yarn, and knit a small piece which will become a blanket for my daughter's bunny, per her request. I remembered how to purl (yes, that's how much of a beginner I am ...) looking at the illustrations in a Vogue Knitting book I have. I also remembered how much fun knitting is, I don't know why I stopped!

I would love to make a Probability anything, but I don't know how to cable ... And eventually, I'll make a DNA something for my sister, who is a geneticist, but again, no cabling knowledge, so that will have to wait. For now, I'm going to stick with my original plan of transforming that huge and unusable shawl I made (photos coming up soon ...) into a rectangular wrap. And next, I need to learn how to cable. Any tips welcome ...

I remembered that my mother has a friend who is an expert knitter, so I'm also planning to get in touch with her because it is so much easier to learn when you actually see someone *doing,* than from trying to decipher illustrations ...

Happy knitting!



Blogger Dissie Chick said...

Hooray, Roma! It *is* fun, isn't it?! I don't know how to cable, either. That technique is going to have to wait. I have found a meetup group of knitters here in NYC and went to one of their events last week. There were just four of us but one of the knitters appears to be a real cable expert so perhaps I can get a tutorial. Good luck with your blankie adventure!

8:05 AM  
Blogger thomasina said...

Hi Roma,

Welcome aboard, and I can't wait to see photos! I hear you about having someone "on call" -- I find it difficult to figure things out from books. In fact, I started making my purls backwards (it is a lot easier that way!). I did find a good online cabling resource, but I think I'm going to get help with the cables anyway.

11:39 AM  
Blogger botanicallyhip said...

Hi all!

I am still looking for yarn so I have yet to start. It is a bit of a challenge to get to the store in time to even LOOK at yarn, let alone make a committment to purchase it :-)

What colors are you all using?

4:59 AM  

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