Monday, February 07, 2005

Online yarnstores

My favorite yarn store in Berkeley, Straw Into Gold, lists some online yarn sites. I'm checking out Yarn Market right now. Danger, Will Robinson, high faffing potential. :-) I'm hoping for some inexpensive yarns, since the local small knitting stores have gorgeous but way-too-expensive yarns.

I'd like to knit the DNA scarf and also conduct a human subject experiment: not tell dh what I'm working on and see when (if?) he notices the DNA pattern. I'll have to work on my facial expression, though, just to make sure it's controlled. ;-)

Oh, I'm already in waaay over my head--Textures (in Yarn Finder) include slub and eyelash. ???! I get ribbon and chenille, but slub? got a lot to learn, I can see...


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Some other ideas for cheap yarn (I don't think the online stores sell for any cheaper, this is expensive stuff!) -- ebay is good, especially for smaller projects. Also, I know some people will buy sweaters from the Salvation Army or thrift stores, and reuse the yarn (you need to check that the yarn is continuous and not cut at the seams). It is certainly dangerous to walk into a yarn store, things like silk feel so nice!

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