Monday, February 07, 2005

Navigating blogger (and buying yarn!)

Has anyone tried their own post? (Rather than just commenting on the first post.) I don't know what browsers y'all are using, but here is a foolproof method: click on your username (top left), then hit the "home" link on the next screen (bottom left), and hit the green plus beside the Phinished Knits! on the next screen (top left).

Both html and the shortcuts (I forget what they are called -- they are common on message boards) are enabled.

Blogger also has information on how to post pictures. You need to upload your pictures to the web first (there are free services like flickr), and then link to them.

I bought the yarn (and needles) for the DNA scarf today! I've gotten to the point where I will need a lot of help for the fingerless gloves (as I'm sure I will need with the scarf also), but hopefully I will not be stalled on both at the same time. I am very excited about the scarf, I have wanted to do this since I found the pattern, but was seduced by the pretty colors available for the fingerless gloves (River Run Supersock from Cherry Tree Hill Yarns). I've gotten an off-white alpaca wool from Plymouth Yarn (the lightest color in the color chart).

I will try to post pictures tomorrow.


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