Tuesday, February 08, 2005

I'm on board for the DNA scarf!

I'm betting following the pattern and the cables will be the difficult part -- the "background" in the pillow and scarf should be relatively easy. So we should still be able to help each other. I need to rip out the last two rows in the mittens (sigh) -- the knit2 purl2 is off on the last 6 stitches. Then a quarter inch more of ribbing. If I get through with that, I will switch to doing a swatch for the DNA scarf.

Apparently you can use double-pointed needles to hold the cables... my only set of double-points is the right size, but the mittens are on them! So I bought another set! The dangers of starting more than one project (though I might have enough double-points now to start knitting the other mitten immediately from the other end of the yarn -- I hate the thought of starting "all over again").


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