Wednesday, February 09, 2005

More geekiness

On the moebius front, there is a lacy moebius scarf, that can also be used as a head fitting, designed by Mary J. Saunders. And someone (namely Isaksen and Petrofsky) designed a whole new moebius stitch, to have symmetry on both the horizontal and vertical axes. Another file on creating a moebius scarf and klein bottle hat, and a crocheted moebius scarf.

Those of you looking for cushions, there are tons of mathematically inspired ones at Woolly Thoughts. Check out the other designs, too -- I especially like the Double Vision scarf and the Square Deal afgan. The Roman Mosaic jacket is incredible, also... too many potential projects! Many of the projects can be crocheted, if that is more to your taste.

Just for inspiration, Eleanor Kent is a textile artist who knits fractal designs and mathematical formulae.

This is made into math problem for students, but it shows that people in Antarctica knit, too. Cool -- we are taking over the world!

For those of you who are fans... a mathematical derivation to create a perfectly proportioned quidditch scarf.

And last but not least, Mathematical Aphrodisiac. A fictional story with math, knitting, and romance... what more could one want?


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