Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Tectonics scarf!

A big welcome to Pseudotachylite! In more geologic news, the charts for the tectonics scarf are now online, here and here. Even better, R. has charted more geologic ages than she used in her scarf, so if we chose different times we can still have unique scarves. I am really wanting to do these in a rich, rust-orange brown and deep medium blue, with the continents purled instead of knitted to stand out a bit more.

Also, R. shared with me how she did the charts: imported tectonics charts off the web into adobe illustrator, changed to two contrasting colors, and then pixelated the result to get the charts (the ones online have been converted to jpeg, which is why they are slightly wonky). This seems like a great way to make charts in general -- though these are not among my current AI skills, I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to figure out.


Blogger pseudotachylite said...

Now that is truly fantastic! Thanks for sending those along. I will add them to my list of things that I want to knit... My former officemate, who is an avid knitter, will graduate in the next year and I think a tectonic scarf would make a wonderful gift. So now I have a deadline :-)

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